Adidas Debuts “On Tour” Dame 3 – See Photos

Adidas "On Tour" Dame 3
New release of Adidas “On Tour” Dame 3

Adidas “On Tour” Dame 3

In Honor Of Lillard’s Love For Playing On The Road. The new Adidas debuts  Adidas releasing a new shoe named ”  “On Tour” Dame 3 In Honor Of Lillard’sfor more info click below to see more photos.

“I love playing on the road because I like when I’m not in favor.”

Adidas is releasing a “On Tour” colorway of Damian Lillard’s 3rd signature shoe, the Dame 3, to salute the moments when Dame drops the mic and gets down to business on the court.

“I love playing on the road because I like when I’m not in favor. I enjoy being in a situation to overcome and beating those challenges,” Dame explained. “I automatically snap in when we hit the road and from the time we land to when I’m getting on the team bus, my mind is free. I think it’s important to let your mind be free. Then when you’re about to play, you lock yourself in to the task at hand.”

The “On Tour” Dame 3 is built on a fused mesh black upper, contrasted by a white custom lace piece and matching three stripes. The kicks also pay tribute to Portland’s road uniforms with red detailing on the midsole, outsole and Dame logo to signal the Rip City sign off.

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