ASTI members to suspend campaign of industrial action

2nd-level teachers who are members of the ASTI are to suspend their current campaign of industrial action.

In a long-running dispute, the union had been refusing to work additional hours due to their opposition to the Lansdowne Road public service pay agreement and had objected to junior-cycle reforms.

However, at a special ASTI convention held in Dublin on Saturday, members decided to suspend the current campaign of industrial action by 240 votes to 121.

The move paves the way for about 17,000 members of the union to receive a number of payments which had been frozen due their opposition to the Lansdowne Road deal.

ASTI members will also now qualify for faster access to permanent contracts in schools in the future.

However, teachers will not receive any retrospective payments.

The decision of the convention means that members of the ASTI will co-operate with the requirement under pay deals with the Government to work 33 additional unpaid hours each year – the so-called Croke Park hours – and with Government junior-cycle reform plans when schools re-open in September, pending a ballot on the new draft public service pay agreement that was agreed last week.

A ballot by ASTI members on the proposed new accord will not take place until the autumn.

The special convention had heard that 1,216 members had resigned from the ASTI in recent times.

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