Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Watch

Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Watch

Check out this stunning watch

Make no mistake, Chanel has never really been on my radar as a serious horological house. I didn’t look at any of their pieces with much gusto, and I definitely didn’t consider them when asked what your ideal watch would be. Well that changed with the release of the Monsieur De Chanel. With a backside that looks better than anything belonging to the Kardashian family, the Monsieur De Chanel now has a face just as good. Polished platinum and a deep black grand feu enamel dial really completes this watch and makes it that perfect package that I always look for. Dynamic and completely wearable, the Monsieur De Chanel in platinum and with its black enamel dial is something to seriously consider, if it fits into your price range. I realise it goes against the grain a tad, and for the same amount of dough you can easily get something from one of the true houses of haute horlogerie, but for the collector wanting something just a bit different, I implore you to consider the Monsieur De Chanel. Seriously!

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