Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Footage Of Unbelievably Huge Florida Alligator Goes Viral

Alligator was found roaming in Florida spotted by tourist the Alligator seems to be very Hugh.

Some tourists filmed a surprise encounter with the storied alligator known to locals as “Humpback.” To the disbelief of many, this epic beast actually exists.

Florida is a wild-ass place, where alligators are known to frequent swimming pools and hide in sewers. Of course, one shouldn’t be alarmed upon seeing one of these prehistoric beasts at one of Florida’s many nature reserves, but tourists at the Circle B Bar reserve in Lakeland were in for a shock when they spotted a gator of absolutely mammoth proportions.

In the below footage, the head of the gargantuan reptile suddenly appears out of a layer of brush, and it proceeds to saunter across a path of trimmed grass. The area is said to be called Marsh Rabbit Run. To all rabbits: Stay the f*ck away.


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