Introducing the Zoku Runner from Reebok Classics See Photos

Introducing the Zoku Runner from Reebok Classics

Check out the new Zoku runner Reebok sneakers so classic now in market

The new range of Reebok Classics honour the footwear of the 70s, 80s and 90s in both name and appearance. Dubbed the Zoku Runner, the stylishly bright footwear has a name that translates from Japanese to “part of the tribe”. As a direct descendant of the Reebok Classic, the Zoku Runner celebrates the brand’s history while modernising it with advanced design and directional style. It’s 2017 after all.

Created by Reebok’s founders back in 1980, the crosscheck pattern and Reebok branding were inspired by a flock of birds which symbolises momentum and movement. Two things any runner will know a great deal about. Crafted from Reebok’s newest upper, using the footwear brand’s superior knitting technology Ultraknit, Zoku possesses a sock-like feel and fashionable look. Designed for both men and women, there’s a pair suitable for any foot. The Zoku Runner is available now in multiple colourways. A pair will set you back around $180. It’s athletic, it’s historic, it’s Japanese, it’s Reebok.


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