Mercedes Night Edition S-Class Coupe

Mercedes Night Edition S-Class Coupe

Check out this new Mercedes night edition S-Class Coupe.

It’s slick, it’s powerful, it’s luxurious. It’s a Mercedes. Like every other night edition, this S-Class comes with a lot of sexy black accents. The grille, its 20-inch MAG wheels, side sills, and mirror housings are all finished in a glistering dark metallic shade. An officious looking “Night Edition” badge appears on the vehicle’s front fenders. The paint is the very exclusive Selenite Gray Magno- a stylish matte shade which Mercedes calls an optional item- but there are no other available colors as far as Mercedes is willing to discuss. But if there are any additional ‘optional’ colors, you can bet they aren’t pink, orange, or mango.

On the inside, things are equally dark with the overwhelming presence of black Nappa leather. The cockpit comes in all black, gray and black, brown and black, or red and black- making it easier for you to hide fast food garbage under the passenger seat.

Now, maybe you’re some kind of car wonk and you’re starting to get annoyed with all this talk of the superficial. Well, hold on sparky, because those huge intakes, gaping grille mouth, and honking pipes aren’t just whistling Dixie. Under the hood, this shady roadster is packing a 367-hp 3.0-liter V-6 or- optionally- a 4.7-liter V-8 engine with 455 hp. The trim package with the beefier engine is called the

This bad boy goes from 0 to 60 in ten hours, because that’s how long it takes the average driver to stop ogling all the superfine trim work.

Overall, this thing is as intimidating on the road as it is sleek and absolutely free of nonsense, and as one reader on Car & Driver commented, it’s “dark enuf to outrun M Night Shyamalan.”


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