The Pentax KP – A Camera That Can Shoot in Near Darkness

The Pentax KP – A Camera That Can Shoot in Near Darkness

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for several reasons. For one, it can shoot at 819,200 ISO, which means that you can take photos in almost complete darkness. The only other camera that offers similar low-light capability is the Sony A7SII, which only shoots up to 409,600 ISO and costs roughly twice as much as this camera.

When shooting images in low-light, camera shake is always a problem and it will ruin images. Pentax dealt with this issue by adding shake reduction and five-axis image stabilization capabilities to the KP. These features really help produce a much better image in low light.

As if the IPO speeds alone weren’t enough, this camera features a unique compact design that makes it small and lightweight. The new body is both weather resistant and dustproof, making it durable and tough. This camera can operate all the way to -10 celsius.

Other notable features include 1080p video, a tilt-out touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi and a 27-point autofocus. Similar to other Pentax models, the KP uses Pixel Shift Resolution. This feature works with the Shake Reduction system to produce a higher-resolution photo. It also provides better color accuracy.



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