Peter Nappi Julius Boot Collection

Peter Nappi Julius Boot Collection

Check out this new Peter Nappi Julius Boot collection this stunning collect was just released recently and it has a very classic look.

Rawhide, flat metal nails, hand sewn stitches and dye work- the Peter Nappi Julious boot collection is all about a romantic vision of railroad tracks, accordions, moonshine, and real honest to goodness boots for honest to goodness men. What do you get when you buy an ordinary shoe? You get plastic, a little bag of rat poison, and a fair dose of BPAs.

Every piece of footwear made in the Peter Nappi studio is made by hand using the traditional tools and techniques of the craft of a shoe maker. When you put on a Peter Nappi shoe, there will be no piece of material in the shoe that hasn’t been hand worked by a dedicated crafter.

glance- with the exception of the high quality suede. But after a closer inspection, you see a grace and a style that you will not find in a department store. The graceful swoop of the heel, the s-like curve of the sole, and the overall spirit of the shoe transports you back to a time when men swung hammers over a railroad track.

The vision behind these remarkable pieces of footwear is to revive the traditional craft of cobbling, or shoe making and shoe repair. It was the vision of Peter Nappi to revive the craft of his grandfather in Italy.

Today, the Peter Nappi studio is a full blown school teaching students of all ages the art and craft of traditional cobbling to produce extraordinary shoes.

A pair of Peter Nappi boots will cost you between $500 and $1400 USD.


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