Rick Ross Sues LMFAO Again For Copyright Infringement

Rick Ross Sues LMFAO

Rick Ross Sues LMFAO Again For Copyright Infringement

LMFAO is be sues again for copyright infringement this time form Rick Rose the artist will be facing a big case at court.

Rick Ross claims LMFAO stole the hook from his song “Hustlin’.”

Rick Ross is out to settle many scores in 2017. When LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” came out in 2011, it became a huge hit. However, in 2014, Ross claimed the duo stole the hook to his 2006 hit “Hustlin’.”

Though he lost in court the first time, Allhiphop.com reports that Ricky Rozay is appealing the decision and suing LMFAO for copyright infringement again. It’s still unclear how much money the South Florida native is seeking in damages.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross’ case had been thrown out of court last year because the song was registered for copyright on three separate occasions. Now, Yung Renzel is appealing that decision based on the premise that sloppy paperwork does not excuse artistic theft.


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