Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

See Weird Flower That Turns into Creepy Skulls When They Die

The Antirrhinum is a type of flower commonly known as the snapdragon. It has been a popular garden plant for many years around Europe, United States, and North Africa. Also known as the dragon flower for its resemblance to a dragon’s mouth that opens and closes when lightly squeezed, this beautiful flower also has a dark side.

Snapdragon flowers are beautiful when in bloom, but when the seed pods dry (when its petals wither away and fall off), they clearly resemble creepy tiny skulls. This is a very unique plant that has inspired various legends ever since ancient times. According to one story, women who eat the tiny skull-like seedpods will regain their lost youth and beauty, while another says that scattering them throughout the house will protect residents from curses, sorcery and other evil things.

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