Sound Unbound – B&O Play H4 Wireless Headphones

Sound Unbound – B&O Play H4 Wireless Headphones

Check out this stunning  B&O play H4 wireless headphones.

Why settle for excellence? Being one of the leaders in your field could easily result in complacency, overconfidence and finally, taking customers for granted. Those are all problems unlikely to ever arise at Bang & Olufsen who consistently outdo themselves when it comes to designing quality headphones. Enter the B&O Play H4 Wireless, another new set of headphones from the leading Danish audio specialists. The H4 emphasise pure materials, quality design and superior sound. Made from lambskin, braided textile and aluminium, this minimalist design expression is an unmistakable link to B&O Play’s renowned design

Each part of the H4 headphones has been considered separately to improve and simplify the listening experience. The soft lambskin ear cushions and lambskin covered headband combine with memory foam to ensure a tight yet comfortable fit, while the ear cushions provide passive noise isolation, so external sounds won’t interfere with your music. The braided cord has been made partially visible between the slider and headband as a nice little design touch.

The simple and intuitive user interface comprises of just three buttons, a micro USB connector and 3.5mm audio jack that integrates seamlessly into the smooth headphone housing. The centre button handles play/pause and answer/hang-up calls. The upper and lower buttons control volume, changing tracks and pairing the headphones via Bluetooth. The B&O Play headphones offer up to 19 hours of wireless playback all from a 2.5-hour charge. If you’re an audio perfectionist, sound profiles can be adjusted via the BeoPlay App.

The B&O Play H4 Wireless Headphones are available now for $399 AU.


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