Speeding Beauty – The New McLaren 720S See Photos

Speeding Beauty – The New McLaren 720S

Check out the new Speeding Beauty the new ride – the new Mclarn720S so cool see photos below.

The 87th Geneva International Motor Show is to grown up car enthusiasts what a trip to Disney World is to just about any kid with a pulse, and driving that point home in true style this year was premier supercar maker McLaren Automotive. The nascent brand delivers fantasies one release at a time and their new 720S is naturally no exception. To put it mildly, McLaren’s latest two-seater is an absolute stunner.

As a follow up to the sleek and superb 650S, the 720S signifies the first time McLaren ventures into sequel territory, but think more Godfather 2 and less Weekend at Bernie’s 2. In other words McLaren brought it big time with their latest Super Series instalment, unleashing a supercar that took inspiration from a Great White Shark and is as aerodynamic as a jet fighter plane. Under the hood is a new twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 engine that can produce a whopping 710 horsepower and brings the car from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. The innovative, bright orange Monocage II body structure employs trusty aluminium, a durable core of carbon fibre and then a bevy of glass for a transparent sheen. On the inside is a new state of the art operating interface, choice leather, glass flourishes, moody lighting and more cabin room than the 650S.

All signs point to triumph for the 720S and reviewers cannot stop raving about this car. Those privileged enough to spare 280K for McLaren’s latest should expect virtually unparalleled lightness, performance, speed and all around elegance. For all you nitpickers out there, some aspects like the interior leather stitching and wheel colour can be customised, though our advice is that you leave everything in McLaren’s hands since they quite obviously know what they’re doing. No matter what, this is a ride guaranteed to please.


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