Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Tiger Siberian Adventure Vehicle See Photos

Tiger Siberian Adventure Vehicle

Tiger Siberian Adventure Vehicle

Check out the stunning new Tiger Siberian adventure vehicle

It’s rugged. It’s luxurious. It’s big, black, and beautiful- and it’s built on top of one of Ford’s latest and greatest Super Duty trucks. It’s the Tiger Siberian Adventure Vehicle. This one of a kind, no holds barred adventure machine has got everything over on your typical recreation vehicle!

Inside the cab, there’s room for four- and lots of goodies. Inside the camper, there’s full wood paneling on everything, loads of cleverly folding, tucking, and concealable drawers, tables and other useful things. The surfaces are nice enough to inspire a feeling of comfort while being smooth and solid enough to clean very easily- which makes a lot of sense considering the kinds of deep woods you’ll be able to penetrate with this beautiful beast. It has a fully functional kitchen, an amazingly huge bed over the cab, a sun awning for when you want to sit outside and watch the sunset- and that’s just the fruity bits.

On the outside, in addition to the menacing black paint job, it’s got a huge grille guard, skin blistering floodlights, some kind of weird hitch we’ve never seen before, all-weather tires that look ready to make enormous waffles, and a big storage locker on the back. There are zero stupid frills except for the Super Duty logo behind the front wheel well.

If you’re a rugged and outdoorsy type, you might imagine a woodsy honeymoon, a life of permanent transience, or maybe the manliest hunting trip since that movie with Christopher Walken and Robert DeNiro.

One word of warning; if you intend to drive it across international borders- you’d better have your papers straight because this thing looks more than slightly military.

Now, where did you leave that $240,000?


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