Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

The Triumphant Return of the Ray Ban Signet

The Triumphant Return of the Ray Ban Signet

Check out the stunning sunglasses  called  Ray Ban Signet.

Okay, so we get that there can’t be that many new developments left in the wide world of sunglasses. Everybody has their favourite brand or six, and there are only so many shapes you can fit onto a face. It’s no secret that Ray Ban are arguably the most loved shades in the world, which surely puts pressure on them to pull the occasional trick from up their sleeve to satisfy fans.

This is the Ray Ban Signet, a popular style that harks back to 1953, but hasn’t been on the shelves in quite some time. The thin frames with contoured lines and minimal but present detailing are unique to Ray Ban, but the coolest thing about the Signet is the available colour combinations.

Seriously, if the gold with green lenses combo doesn’t remind you of Elvis’ jewellery box then you need to watch more of his Vegas years, and the silver with blue/grey lenses look they belong on the most villainous of Bond villains. Give them a go if you’re in the market for some new metal sunnies and want to break free from the crowd.

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