Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Winter Jacket Trends to Keep You Warm in 2017

Winter Jacket Trends to Keep You Warm in 2017

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activities and reasons to go out and engage. In other words, if all you gamers out there insist on staying in and binge-ing on Xbox because of the cruel “winter” lurking beyond your front door, no one’s buying what you’re selling, so just fess up that you never had any intention of going out in the first place.

Those of you who lead active lives will naturally want to step out in style this upcoming winter season. For that we suggest scoping the latest winter jacket trends. Like Australia’s own population, the most eye-catching jackets in 2017 are breezy, sporty and mobile, the embodiment of cool even when keeping you warm. Throw them on and conquer the day with virtually no impediment. That’s generally the theme of each jacket: the use of cutting edge materials to ensure you’re properly cosy while the jacket itself retains a sleek overall profile keeping you light on your feet.

Since no discussion of trends is complete without a few examples, consider the following offerings from General Pants as your guidepost to the latest and greatest in jackets for the upcoming 2017 winter season.

The Varsity Jacket

The Varsity jacket emphasises approachability and versatility by using an assortment of materials to deliver lightness and a silky feel. The jacket is modelled after American bomber designs and goes up a notch in the style department when paired with a hoodie or buttoned shirt. Banded wrists and waistline keep the jacket feeling snug but overall the apparel is anything but intrusive.

The Denim Jacket

When it comes to pure, unfettered fashion, you can never go wrong with denim. Like a pair of great jeans, the denim jacket is available in a range of styles. Opt for a tight and clean jacket to let them know you keep everything tidy in your life, or go the trashed denim route to let them know you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty every now and then. In 2017, keep your eyes peeled for trending coloured denim jackets as well.

The Longline Bomber

Bomber jackets typically combine quality insulation with the best of buoyancy–expect that trend to continue in 2017. The Longline Bomber is addictively silky to the touch and brimming with street style. It comes available in a slew of different patterns, colours and hoodie options. It’s ready to keep you warm all morning, noon and night.

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